18 Apr 2024

Empowering Vietnamese Poultry Farmers – Aviagen Asia Pacific Shares Expertise with 3F Viet

3F Viet Breeder Farm Group at SeminarBANGKOK, Thailand. – Aviagen® Asia Pacific is committed to supporting customers in optimizing their flock management practices for maximum success. The team recently extended a warm welcome to 23 guests from 3F Viet breeder farm, hosting a seminar in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, on April 3. 3F Viet is a prominent Vietnamese poultry meat company and producer of Aviagen Indian River® birds.

The objective was to connect with the 3F Viet breeder team, sharing knowledge and practical management tools that enable them to enhance their daily farming practices. In doing so, they are empowered to improve the performance, health, welfare and sustainability of their Indian River broilers.

Sessions were led by Daniel Gomes, Brand Manager, Indian River Asia Pacific, along with Technical Services Managers Michael Chau and Mike Block and Senior Poultry Veterinary Technical Specialist Dr. Keat Fu. Tailored to the specific needs of 3F Viet, the agenda covered a spectrum of broiler-related topics, including effective management strategies post-30 weeks for males. The seminar also explored techniques for optimizing flock performance, with a focus on achieving high peak and persistency, and hatchability improvement through efficient incubator management.

“We are pleased with the passion and engagement of the seminar participants. The close collaboration between 3F Viet and the Indian River team indicates our shared commitment to promoting mutual success. Aviagen is dedicated to working alongside our customers to strengthen the productivity and well-being of their birds and the overall success of their operations,” remarked Daniel.

Seminar for 3F Viet Breeder Farm “On behalf of our 3F Viet team, I would like to thank Aviagen for organizing this farm tour and seminar, also for their continued support. We found the advice extremely useful in improving our productivity,” added Dr. Hien Pham Thi, Technical Manager for 3F Viet. “Topics were relevant for our business, and the Aviagen specialists clearly understood our needs and the challenges we face each day.”