Jan 11, 2024

Aviagen Celebrates 70 Years of Industry Engagement at IPPE

Breeding Success Together LogoHUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Aviagen® is proud to celebrate 70 consecutive years of engaging with the global poultry industry at the International Production and Processing Exhibition (IPPE), which will take place this year from Jan. 30-Feb. 1 in Atlanta. Aviagen will be recognized for this milestone at the Chairman’s Reception, hosted by show organizer USPOULTRY, on Jan. 29 at 5:30 pm at the Georgia Aquarium.

Breeding Success Together

Aviagen’s show theme is “Breeding Success Together,” which captures its commitment to fostering collaboration among stakeholders in the global poultry supply chain. Their collective aim is to provide a secure, sustainable, and nutritious protein source for communities worldwide. Aviagen global representatives will be on hand at booth B7033 to extend a warm welcome to customers and visitors, discussing Aviagen’s balanced breeding progress that simultaneously promotes bird welfare and performance, along with environmental sustainability.

Farming data

On Jan. 30 at 12:30 pm in Hall B, Booth B48027, Sergio Guerra, Global Head of Technical Systems, will offer his insight on this topic, “From raw data to rich insights: Mastering data management in poultry.”

“To achieve the highest level of breeding success for the global industry, we must not only farm chickens but also data. The capture of data and its analysis enables us to understand the cause and effect of different management practices in our poultry production,” commented Guerra.

To breed the best, we need the best

Aviagen recognizes that to breed the best, they need the best. Essential to “Breeding Success Together” is the company’s commitment to encouraging the next generation of poultry professionals. During IPPE, the Aviagen team will take various opportunities to engage with university students and discuss the rewarding career prospects within Aviagen and the broader poultry industry.

Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen expressed the importance of this annual event to his company. “Each year IPPE holds a significant spot on our Aviagen calendar. It represents a chance to connect with our global poultry community and exchange innovative ideas on ways to strengthen food safety and security, all while continually improving bird welfare.”