24 Apr 2023

Aviagen KFT Recognizes Rising Broiler and Breeder Performance in Romania and Moldova

Membership in Ross 420 and Ross 150 Clubs continues to climb in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and throughout the region

Ross 420 and 150 Clubs in Romania

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – Aviagen® KFT is proud to announce the induction of the latest members into the exclusive Ross® 420 and Ross 150 Clubs, honoring the top-performing poultry farmers in the region. The Ross 150 Club recognizes Parent Stock performance of 150 chicks and over per hen housed. Likewise, the Ross 420 Club celebrates broiler growers who reach a European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score of 420 or more.

The Aviagen KFT team organized an awards ceremony and seminar attended by 30 Aviagen Parent Stock customers and independent broiler growers on April 7 in Braşov, Romania.

During the event, Zoltan Marton, Senior Poultry Specialist Veterinarian, shared his insight on Avian Influenza and other topical diseases, emphasizing effective biosecurity measures that are instrumental in protecting bird health.

Paul Anton, Technical Service Manager, said, “It is with extreme pride that we honor the new Ross 150 and 420 Club members in the Republic of Moldova and Romania. Each year we continue to see new heights in bird efficiency, sustainability and welfare, which would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of farm managers together with their entire teams. I commend the teams’ combined efforts that have earned them a well-deserved place in the exclusive Ross 150 and 420 Clubs.”

S.C. Avicola Tartasesti Poultry achieved an outstanding performance of 160.8 chicks per hen housed in 2022, earning the company the prestigious Ross 150 Club award for the second time in a row. At the event, Avicola Tartasesti General Manager Gabriela Nicolae expressed delight in celebrating the success of the company’s breeder farmers and commended the growing membership of the Club, which “makes the competition more challenging each year. I look forward to next year’s results and continuing the tradition of excellence in the poultry industry.”

Congratulations to the latest Club members

Ross 150 Club:

Company Farm Chicks per hen housed at 60 weeks Year
S.C. Transavia S.A. 17 Medias 165.5 2021
S.C. Oprea Avi Com SRL Sincai 155.5 2021
S.C. Avicola Tartasesti Poultry 9 151.8 2021
S.C. Avicola Tartasesti Poultry SRL 12 160.8 2022
S.C. Transavia S.A. 17 Medias 159.6 2022
S.C. Sum Agro Service S.R.L. Bujor 159.0 2022
S.C. Oprea Avi Com SRL Sincai 156.0 2022
S.C. Aaylex One SRL Calarasi 153.0 2022


Ross 420 Club:

Company Farm EPEF Year
S.C. Transavia S.A. 21 Santimbru 433 2021
S.C. Avicola Focsani S.A. 2 Focsani 428 2021
S.C. Oprea Avi Com SRL Pogaceaua 423.3 2021
S.C. Avicola Focsani S.A. 2 Focsani 439 2022
S.C. Vox Agri SRL Amaru 1 425.6 2022