25 May 2023

Aviagen Kft Salutes New Ross 420 Club Achievers

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – Aviagen® Kft is extremely proud of its Ross® broiler growers. Due to their diligence and exceptional management skills, these poultry producers are reaching extraordinary heights in bird health, efficiency and performance.

To recognize their achievements, the team hosted a special awards ceremony on May 16 in Budapest. Aviagen Kft General Manager Balázs Takács, Sales Manager Krisztina Németh, Regional Technical Manager Dejan Bosanac, and Marketing Assistant Barbara Bóka were honored to congratulate the 19 esteemed Ross producers and welcome them to the Ross 420 Club. Membership in this exclusive club is reserved for broiler farmers who achieve a European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) score of 420 or higher.

The awards ceremony also provided an opportunity to share the latest knowledge on a topic of utmost importance: “Biosecurity in times of Avian Influenza (AI).” Dr. Zoltán Marton, Senior Poultry Specialist Veterinarian from Aviagen’s Global Technical Operations, gave his insight on the latest advancements and best practices to protect flocks from the risk of AI.

Welcome Ross 420 Club winners…

The top winners were Johannes Strohmayer, who achieved an exceptional 481 EPEF in the category of broiler growers with flocks less than 100,000, while Novobird Kft scored 450 EPEF, making them the highest achiever for flocks more than 100,000. (All flocks were depleted in 2022.)

Club 420 Strohmayer Novobird

Johannes Strohmayer (left) and Novobird (right) are presented with the top Ross 420 Club awards by Krisztina Németh and Balázs Takács of Aviagen Kft

Meet the new Aviagen Kft Ross 420 Club members:

Flocks <100,000 birds Flocks >100,000 birds
Böszörményi Baromfifeldolgozó Kft/ Csillag telep 425 Birdcage Kft 427.00
Empire Kft. 442 Birdcage Kft 438.00
Empire Kft. 447 Birdcage Kft 439.00
Farm Agroker Kft 432 Birdcage Kft 441.00
Felsőteleki Parasztgazdaság Kft 429 Bordás Ferenc 433.98
Felsőteleki Parasztgazdaság Kft 429 Bordás Ferenc 448.34
Felsőteleki Parasztgazdaság Kft 435 Novobird Kft. 429.00
Felsőteleki Parasztgazdaság Kft 441 Novobird Kft. 450.00
Felsőteleki Parasztgazdaság Kft 444 Szalai László 428.16
FP-Bestbird Kft 430 Szalai László 449.92
FP-Bestbird Kft 437    
FP-Bestbird Kft 438    
FP-Bestbird Kft 443    
FP-Bestbird Kft 468    
Hungerit Zrt 421    
Innosped Kft 421    
Innosped Kft 429    
Johannes Strohmayer 457    
Johannes Strohmayer 466    
Johannes Strohmayer 481    
Lévai Csilla 421    
Lévai Csilla 432    
Lévai Csilla 432    
Lévai Csilla 441    
Lévai Csilla 443    
Lévai Csilla 450    
Lévai Csilla 453    
Lévai Csilla 455    
Lévai Csilla 460    
Lévai Csilla 471    
S-T Kft 437    
Szabó Családi Gazdaság 420    
Szabó Családi Gazdaság 421    
Szabó Családi Gazdaság 435    
Club 420 Group Photo

Ross 420 Club award ceremony participants

“We congratulate the many new members of the Ross 420 Club and together celebrate their achievements. 2022 was ridden with many difficulties, such as a war, high feed prices and fluctuating energy costs. However, due to the tremendous effort and skill of these growers, we are seeing continually strong performance,” commented Balázs. “We applaud their dedication to excellence, and thank them for their hard work. They are an example to their colleagues throughout the industry of the achievements possible with the Ross 308 broiler.”

“We take great pride in becoming a member of the Ross 420 club. Our success is a testament to the commitment of our leadership, our innovative flock management practices developed over 33 years, and the winning attitudes of our farm leaders. These advantages, combined with the excellent genetic traits of the Ross 308 bird and our high-quality feed all play a role in helping us to reach greater results with each passing year,” expressed István Farkas, General Manager of Novobird Kft.