17 Feb 2023

New Rearing Farm for Aviagen Kft Signals Growth, Success in Central and Eastern Europe

Farm represents a “long-term investment in a sustainable future”

EDINBURGH, Scotland. – Aviagen Kft General Manager Balázs Takács is proud to announce the addition of the new Bakonyszentkirály Grandparent (GP) rearing farm in Hungary, an addition to the current fleet of five GP farms. This completely modernized, dedicated GP farming base will ensure a secure supply of Ross® birds to Parent Stock customers in Hungary and throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

The farm was planned, designed and constructed with energy efficiency, biosecurity and bird welfare as key priorities, with 30% of the energy used on the farm is covered by renewable sources.

“Chicken production begins at the rearing farm, and have taken every measure to safeguard chick wellness and welfare with this innovative, biologically safe farm,” Balázs Takács.

The Bakonyszentkirály farm is an important first step in a long-term renewal program for the Aviagen Kft farm base.

“Our goal is to expand and upgrade all farms, making a long-term investment in a sustainable future, while highlighting our commitment to helping our customers supply their communities with a nutritious, safe and affordable food source,” concluded Balázs.

Take a tour of this new state-of the art rearing farm by watching the video below.