Aviagen India Celebrates 10 Years of Collaboration with IB Group: 100,000 Grandparent Poultry Stock Achieved

IB Group Celebrates 10 years with Aviagen IndiaUdumalpet, India. – Aviagen® India is thrilled to commemorate IB Group's decade-long collaboration and their remarkable milestone of acquiring 100,000 Ross® 308 AP Grandparent (GP) stock in a single financial year and becoming one among the top five high-volume GP stock customers in Asia.

Decade of progress and expansion

The collaboration between IB Group and Aviagen has been a testament to success and continuous growth. Since 2014, Aviagen has been supplying Parent Stock (PS) and Grandparent Stock (GP) chickens to IB Group, which initially served 13 states across India. Starting with 40,000 Ross 308 GP’s, IB Group has evolved into one of India's leading poultry integrators.

In 2015, Aviagen introduced Ross 308 AP GP birds, known for their exceptional performance in diverse climate conditions. Operating from the heart of India, IB Group now distributes high-quality Ross broiler chicks in 22 states, providing reliable, nutritious, affordable, and sustainable protein sources for Indian families nationwide.

Relationship marked by collaboration and support

Throughout the past decade, Aviagen’s local and Asian customer service teams have worked closely with IB Group management and staff, resulting in year-on-year enhancements in performance and welfare across all stages of Ross 308 AP breeding, from GP and PS to broilers, excelling in various weather conditions and seasons across India.

“Aviagen remains dedicated to the success of IB Group and our customers across the continent. Our India, Asia and global support teams have enjoyed working side-by-side with them over the years. We extend our warmest congratulations on this significant achievement and look forward to supporting their future expansion and accomplishments in the coming decade,” commented Dr Ramakrishna Balasubramian, Business Manager Aviagen India.

About IB Group
IB Group is India's foremost protein-centric Agri-business conglomerate, headquartered in Chhattisgarh's Rajnandgaon district. With roots tracing back to 1985, IB Groups diverse business verticals encompass poultry, fast-moving consumer groups (FMCG), dairy, livestock feed, solvents, specialized pet food and hospitality.
Pioneers of modern poultry farming. Introducing modern environmentally controlled (EC) broiler farming in all parts of the country, IB Group champions automation and technology as key drivers of India’s poultry industry. Under the banner of “Parivartan,” the company leads a flagship socio-economic initiative aimed at assisting poultry farmers in upgrading their farming infrastructure to modern environmentally controlled houses equipped with automated technology, thereby doubling farmers' income and elevating meat quality. More than 1,300 farmers are successfully operating Parivartan EC houses, with numbers steadily increasing.
Champions of industry sustainability. Since 2019, IB Group has spearheaded the Parivartan GEN NXT initiative, attracting young Indians to take up technology-driven broiler farming.
Working with more than 21,000 contract farmers and supported by 172 I branch offices, they consistently deliver top-tier performance across all segments, from GP and PS to broiler production and chick sales.