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  • Aviagen Brief: Management of Broiler Breeder Males in the Absence of Spur Treatment

    For many years, spur treatment has been used to help prevent perceived damage to broiler breeder females during mating, to minimize skin lesions in males who compete for dominance and to aid in the personal safety of those handling the males on a regular basis. Internal data… Read more

  • Poster: Sustainable Broiler Production

    When compared to 2003, the 2018 broiler has improved in the areas of energy use, global warming potential, pollution potential,and water and land use. The modern broiler is also more biologically efficient, with improved FCR and yield. Read more

  • Ross Best Practice on the Farm - Darkling Beetle Control

    Darkling beetles can be found in poultry houses worldwide because the house environment is ideal for their growth and survival. They are vectors for common poultry viruses such as Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV), Marek’s Disease Virus (MDV) and Reovirus; bacteria such… Read more

  • Ross Note: Gut Health in Poultry UPDATE

    A healthy gut is essential for the efficient conversion of feed into its basic components for optimal nutrient absorption. If gut health is compromised, digestion and nutrient absorption will be affected, and bird health, performance and welfare compromised. Read more

  • Ross Note: Feed Sanitation

    The purpose of this document is to review the heat treatment of poultry feeds in terms of the specifications required to ensure decontamination and the types of equipment that can be successfully employed. Read more

  • Aviagen Brief: Water Utilization in Broilers

    Ensuring broilers optimize their water intake not only promotes the sustainability of broiler production through its influence on energy (ventilation) and water use, but also maximizes broiler health, welfare, and production. The routine on-farm recording of water intake is … Read more

  • Ross Note: Histomoniasis

    With the ban on many of the drugs used to fight the disease, and changes in animal husbandry like reusing litter and/or increased stocking density, blackhead has re-emerged in many areas including North America and Europe. The focus for control of blackhead is now on prevent… Read more

  • Aviagen Brief: Evaluating Comparative Broiler Performance through Trials

    Carefully planned broiler trials will allow the customer to clearly evaluate the effect of the treatment, be that breed, feed, management procedure or environmental factor, and provide valuable information on product performance. Trial protocols must be designed with a clear… Read more

  • Aviagen Top 5 Commitments Infographic

    This infographic highlights Aviagen’s Top 5 Commitments in breeding for welfare and sustainability while supplying global food demand. Read more

  • Ross 308 AP Management Supplement

    The purpose of this supplement is to highlight the management differences between the Ross 308 AP and the Ross 308. Management practices not addressed in this document should follow the guidelines and recommendations found in the Ross Grandparent, Parent Stock and Broiler Ma… Read more

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