Aviagen Colombia Celebrates Cargill for Exceptional Poultry Production Performance Exceeding 500 EPEF

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Ross® 308 AP producers in Latin America continue to set new standards in poultry production excellence, and Aviagen® takes notice. Aviagen Colombia customer Cargill Protein Latin America (CPLA) farmers have achieved outstanding results, reaching incredible European Performance Efficiency Factors (EPEF) surpassing 500.

Granjas Agroanaime and Avictrans receive awards

Granjas Agroanaime and Avictrans awards

Aviagen Colombia recently participated in events organized by Cargill to commend these achievements, and Aviagen took the opportunity to congratulate and award the producers. On April 9 in Bucaramanga, Granjas Agroanaime was recognized for their EPEF of 502.40, while Avictrans scored 500.95. Additionally, on April 11 in the city of Santiago de Cali, Rouse and Girasol were awarded for achieving EPEF scores of 509.50 and 518.16, respectively.

Rouse and Girasol receive awards

Rouse and Girasol awards

Present at the recognition ceremonies were Antonio Kalinowski, Agriculture Director for Cargill Protein Latin America; José Alejandro Fonseca Garro, Agriculture Director for Pollos El Bucanero Colombia; and the Cargill Colombian East and West regional team.

“At Cargill, we believe in the power of teamwork to achieve continuous improvement,” said Kalinowski. “We value our regular collaboration with Aviagen Colombia, and appreciate their recognition of our company.”

Andrés Parra Díaz, Sales and Technical Services Manager for Aviagen Colombia, reiterated Aviagen’s commitment to Cargill and poultry producers across Colombia, saying, “Aviagen is proud of the level in bird performance, health and efficiency achieved by these Cargill operations. These accomplishments are possible only when the genetic potential of the Ross 308 AP is combined with the skill and hard work of the customer teams. We are dedicated to Cargill, and work alongside them, providing advice and knowledge to ensure their success.”