“Aviagen Connection” Aims to Share Knowledge with Poultry Producers Across Brazil

CAMPINAS, Brazil – Throughout March and April, Aviagen® Brazil hosted its “Aviagen Connection” event series, traveling across the nation to equip poultry producers with the latest insight and innovations aimed at maximizing the potential of Ross® 308 AP broilers. Close to 500 customers participated in events in the cities of Pará de Minas (MG), Goiânia (GO), Cascavel (PR), Maringá (PR), Garibaldi (RS), Chapecó (SC), Rio Claro (SP) and Recife (PE), benefiting from tips to improve the health, well-being and performance of their birds. The interactive format inspired important discussions among all participants.

Group at Aviagen Connection event series

Event in Goiânia (GO)

The event explored various facets of the Ross 308 AP’s life cycle, spanning from breeding to production, with emphasis on optimizing management practices during winter conditions and enhancing meat quality. Moreover, it offered a practical approach to improving yield and reducing cost through streamlined manufacturing processes.

Group at Aviagen Connection event series

Event in Pará de Minas

Decades of balanced breeding

Jane Lara Grosso, Product Coordinator for Aviagen Latin America, spoke on the impact of 20 years of genetic selection and presented details of the company's broiler breeding program. She highlighted how decades of selection have contributed to significant improvements in animal performance, health and welfare over time.

Group at Aviagen Connection event series

Event in Cascavel (PR)

“At Aviagen, pedigree birds go through a rigorous selection process in diverse environments, aimed at optimizing their potential. Technologies such as genomic selection and CT scans increase the accuracy of selection and improve traits such as leg health and feed conversion efficiency,” she explained.

Additionally, she stressed the importance of sustainability and the pursuit of more efficient birds in feeding and production. Aviagen's efforts have not only boosted performance but also advanced environmental sustainability in broiler production.

Grosso discussed the benefits of genomic selection in estimating birds' breeding value accurately, leading to improvements in weight gain, feed conversion ratios, and overall bird health.

Group at Aviagen Connection event series

Event in Maringá (PR)

Importance of effective management

Group at Aviagen Connection event series

Event in Chapecó (SC)

Aviagen Brazil's Regional Supervisors of Technical Services, Rodrigo Tedesco and Alessandro Lopes, presented a performance analysis of the Ross 308 AP birds, highlighting benefits in bone health, muscle growth and production efficiency. They shared insights on the initial management, emphasizing its importance in maximizing growth potential and health. “Well-managed chickens excel in cardiovascular and skeletal health, and have excellent feed conversion”, said Tedesco.

Group at Aviagen Connection event series

Event in Garibaldi (RS)

Optimal environmental control – essential to winter management

Tedesco addressed “Winter management: environment as a fundamental factor,” highlighting the connection between chick behavior, feed consumption, ventilation and temperature control. Investing in proper environmental control systems and responsible management practices is essential to maximize the productivity and profitability of a poultry business. Subtle changes in the environment can negatively affect their health and performance.

“Adaptive management strategies and efficient environmental control systems emerge as solutions to optimize poultry farming, promoting poultry welfare and maximizing productivity,” Tedesco explained.

Management aimed at meat quality

“Effective management is crucial for ensuring high-quality meat production”, said Lopes, who emphasized the importance of maintaining good housing conditions, implementing effective light programs, and managing feeders and drinkers efficiently to enhance meat quality.

Group at Aviagen Connection event series

Event in Rio Claro (SP)

“Litter management is a significant challenge that can affect meat quality. It's essential to maintain litter quality throughout the flock's life cycle to provide a suitable environment for healthy development,” Lopes said.

Furthermore, Lopes discussed the impact of genetics on meat quality, influencing various aspects of the bird's physical development.

Group at Aviagen Connection event series

Event in Recife (PE)

Modern inspection and regulatory process

Professor and researcher at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and coordinator of Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), Liris Kindlein, addressed the modernization of poultry inspection, discussing regulatory changes that aim to improve production quality.

Kindlein emphasized the importance of integrating information from the field and the production house to optimize the production process. She highlighted regulatory changes that simplify the inspection process, improving quality. “It is important for the sector to discuss regulations, inspection modernization, and measures to ensure food safety and quality,” she explained.

Improving yield, reducing cost

Veterinarian Darwem de Araújo, a Brazilian consultant, presented ways to improve yield and reduce costs in factories, especially related to chicken production, highlighting the need to understand the raw materials and processes involved.

“It is necessary to focus on management, agriculture and production to identify and solve problems. Lack of manpower and equipment failures present bottlenecks, and continuous improvement is essential to reduce losses and maximize yield,” explained Araújo.

2023 performance results

The final keynote, given by Aviagen's Brazil Technical Services Manager, Marco Aurélio Romagnole de Araújo, presented the performance results achieved by Aviagen customers in 2023, highlighting the main performance indicators, such as chicks produced per female housed, feed conversion, GPD, field mortality and yield, condemnations in the industry.

“Ross 308 AP presents throughout the chain (breeders and broilers) a saving of R$ 39.2 million in production costs per year for every 200,000 chickens compared to its main competitor. These savings highlight not only the effectiveness of the bird, but also the direct impact on our customers' profitability and operational, which makes the Ross 308 AP the best choice,” said Araujo.

Successful Aviagen Connection

Aviagen continually creates opportunities to connect with its customers, bringing them the latest developments to strengthen their success.

“We are delighted by the engagement of our Brazilian customers in Aviagen Connect tour. Brazil holds immense significance as a key market for our company, and we are committed to ongoing investment, collaboration and knowledge sharing to support its sustained growth and success,” said Leandro München, director of operations for Aviagen Brazil.