Aviagen Extends “Knowledge Without Borders” Tour to South America

Poultry Producers at Knowledge without Borders seminar

Aviagen Latin America team shares expertise with 150 Ross 308 AP poultry producers in Bolivia

CAMPINAS, Brazil – On March 21, the Aviagen® Latin America team set off on the next part of its “Knowledge without borders” tour, this time journeying to meet with 150 Ross® 308 AP poultry producers in Bolivia. This outreach initiative began in February, with seminars held across Central America. Spanning various locations throughout Latin America, these seminars are unified by a singular goal: to share the latest knowledge and innovations, customized to maximize bird health, welfare, field performance, and overall business success among growers in the region.

The event in Bolivia was hosted by the Aviagen Latin America team: Rodrigo D’Amen, Marcus Briganó and Santiago Lovera, Technical Services Managers for Aviagen SAEB; Guillermo Reyes, Incubation Specialist; Emilio Cura, Poultry Nutrition Specialist; and Mário Sérgio Assayag, Veterinarian. Together they explored with Bolivian producers topics important to their success, including Parent Stock and broiler management, ventilation control for best performance in hot weather, bird nutrition, hatchery process control and biosecurity measures to prevent and manage avian diseases.

“Aviagen has a long-time presence in Bolivia and is committed to the success of poultry production in this important region,” commented Jairo Agostini, Commercial Manager for Aviagen South America Excluding Brazil (SAEB).

“We were extremely happy with the engagement of our customers at this event, said Osvaldo Bolinaga, Head of Technical Services for Aviagen SAEB. “We take every opportunity to connect with producers throughout the region, and look forward to meeting with them at the next event in the near future.”

Fábio Carnevale, Marketing Manager for Aviagen Latin America expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the series so far. “’Knowledge without borders’ is an important initiative, fostering meaningful connections with our customers across Latin America and promoting the exchange of experiences and management insight that is essential to their success.”