Aviagen Highlights Commitment to Safe and Sustainable Poultry Farming at AVEM Poultry Congress 2023 in Peru

Aviagen Peru Team at AVEM 2023CAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Peru proudly engaged with poultry producers in the country and across the globe during the AVEM Poultry Congress, held Nov. 8-10 in Lima. At the heart of Aviagen's participation was a dedication to the congress's theme of "safe and sustainable poultry farming."

The Aviagen team enjoyed welcoming customers to their booth, exchanging expertise and insight on achieving this goal through a balanced breeding program, emphasizing bird health, welfare, performance, feed efficiency, and biosecurity. These efforts are aligned with Aviagen's core principle of "Breeding Success Together," which focuses on fostering strong relationships with valued customers to provide sustainable and nutritious chicken meat to families in Peru and beyond.

Knowledge sharing was a key focus for Aviagen at the event. Two Aviagen specialists presented invaluable information to help maximize the potential of Ross® 308 AP birds:

Speakers at AVEM 2023Aviagen's commitment to safe and sustainable poultry farming is evident not only in its words, but also in its actions. The company established the Aviagen Peru subsidiary in 2019, reflecting its dedication to supporting growers in Peru, a country with a rich history in poultry production and excellent environmental conditions for poultry production.

“On behalf of Aviagen, I wish to thank the Peruvian Poultry Association for a well-organized event,” commented Aviagen Peru General Manager Cesar Muro. “Since the introduction of Aviagen Peru, we have worked side-by-side with our Peruvian customers and are grateful to have another opportunity to once again collaborate and reaffirm our commitment to their success.”