Aviagen Latin America Strengthens Ties with Valued Panamanian Customers at XXXIV National Poultry Congress

Aviagen at National Poultry CongressCAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® Latin America was pleased to welcome esteemed customers and members of the Panama poultry industry to its booth at the XXXIV National Poultry Congress. Hosted by the Panama Poultry Association ANAVIP, the event took place Feb. 29 to Mar. 1 at the Convention Center Megalopolis in Panama City, Panama.

At the event, the Aviagen Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean (CAME) team took the opportunity to share the latest industry insights to benefit the Panamanian market and empower local poultry producers in their ongoing endeavor to optimize the performance, welfare and efficiency of their Ross® 308 AP birds. Renowned Aviagen experts led insightful sessions to equip poultry producers with knowledge and tools essential for success.

Guests at National Poultry CongressAviagen CAME Technical Services Manager Juan Carlos Velez offered his expertise on “Female Parent Stock management to reach the highest potential,” while Marcus Briganó, CAME and South America excluding Brazil (SAEB) Technical Services Manager, presented the latest on “Broiler management until 14 days of age.”

Panama holds strategic significance for Aviagen in its global outreach, with its poultry industry experiencing remarkable growth. The Aviagen CAME team has been working collaboratively with key stakeholders to bring cutting-edge management practices and insights to poultry producers in a round of events throughout Panama and other countries in Central America in the last years, with the aim of strengthening their resilience and success.

Guests at National Poultry Congress“Aviagen is committed to “Breeding Success Together” with our customers in Panama and across Latin America,” said Aviagen Regional Technical Services Manager Jorge Amado. “We appreciated the opportunity to connect with these growers at the poultry congress, and are dedicated to working hand in hand with them to strengthen their ability to feed families in Panama and beyond with sustainable, readily available chicken meat.”