Rodrigo Cisoto Appointed Head of Technical Services for Aviagen in Central America and Mexico

Rodrigo Cisoto - Head of Technical Services for CAMECAMPINAS, Brazil – Aviagen® is pleased to announce the promotion of Rodrigo Cisoto to Head of Technical Services for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean (CAME). Effective on March 1, Cisoto will succeed Jorge Amado, who has been appointed Regional Technical Manager for Aviagen in Latin America recently.

In this new role, Cisoto will build on his success as former Technical Services Manager (TSM) for CAME, focusing on enhancing support to Ross® customers in this dynamic region. Prior to this promotion, Cisoto served as TSM for Aviagen in Mexico, and now with the new position his responsibilities have expanded to the entire region.

Cisoto will transition seamlessly into his new role, drawing from almost 30 years of extensive experience in diverse production areas, spanning breeders and broilers. This invaluable expertise was gained during his tenure at renowned poultry enterprises like DaGranja (now JBS/Seara, Brazil), Agroceres and Aviagen Brazil. Additionally, he holds a Veterinary degree from the Jaboticabal Paulista State University (FCAV – UNESP), further enriching his qualifications.

“We congratulate Rodrigo Cisoto on this well-deserved promotion. Throughout his tenure as Technical Services Manager since 2015, Rodrigo has earned the respect and admiration of customers and colleagues alike. His leadership skills and commitment to innovation will further strengthen our organization, benefiting both our CAME poultry producers and our birds,” remarked Jorge Amado, Regional Technical Manager for Aviagen Latin America.